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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Flutter for Beginners

Welcome to the brand new interesting platform flutter. Have you all ever tried to create an application for ios and android? No, Then this is the perfect platform for you to do.
In this blog post, you will learn all the basics of flutter to build good mobile applications.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the platform created by Google to build native mobile applications both on android and iOS. That means you can use one code base and one programming language to create two different applications for Android as well as iOS.Flutter makes use of Dart programming which is quite close to c++, c#, java.

Flutter consist of two important parts

·        SDK (Software Development Kit)- This has a collection of tools that helps in developing your applications. This includes tools to compile your code into native machine code.

·   Framework -This has a collection of user interface based on widgets for the customized look and feel.

Features of Flutter

Fast development – Flutter is loaded with fully customized widgets to help you build native interfaces much faster.

Hot Reload feature in flutter helps you easily develop UI, fix bugs add features. It works by injecting the source code into the running dart virtual machine, after the updating of the classes in virtual machine flutter framework automatically builds the widget tree and through this, you can quickly view your changes.so in one line we can say in flutter you can change the code and see the results in real-time.

Flexible –Loaded with lots of features which results in an incredibly fast and flexible design of your choice.

Native performance-widgets in flutter incorporates all the features like navigations, icons, fonts and it is compiled using dart compiler which is way faster.

Beautiful User Interface – flutter has built-in design, widgets, rich motion, API’s. Using flutter to build mobile applications will be a great treat to users.

It’s hard to imagine flutter being so good without dart and that’s why developers choose dart programming in a flutter.

Organizations using flutter to build beautiful apps

What is widget?

Widget in flutter helps you build applications that follow the material design. Flutter has a good collection of interactive widgets. You can see the whole collection of widgets in the widget index here.

What is Dart programming?

Just like flutter, Dart is also created by google. Dart programming is fast in compile-time and easy to learn. Dart is an open-source client-optimized language to build applications. To work on Dart programming all you need to know is any OOP language and you are sorted. Dart is among the very few languages which can be compiled with both AOT(Ahead of Time) and JIT (Just in time) compilers.
Dart is a big reason for the love of flutter.

Here are some dart features which makes flutter well in developing mobile applications.

Dart create smooth animations.
Dart can allocate objects and garbage collection without locks.
Developers believe dart is easy to learn because of its features which can be used in any language.

To know how cool Dart looks like you can visithttp://dartpad.dartlang.org/

To get started and to know more about why we use Dart with flutter watch the video below.

So now we know what flutter is and why we use dart with flutter
let’s start with the installation and get started.

Installation and Prerequisites

To develop flutter application all you need to check with the system requirement and installation in the given skill bakery YouTube video.

This blog post will help you learn how to code using dart in flutter to build beautiful fast, easy and native android and iOS applications.

Unified Layout in Flutter

Flutter does not split layout between program or layout language like XML, nor it requires visual layouts, here is a simple flutter view is written in dart.

new Center(child:
new Column(children: [
new Text('Hello, World!'),
new Icon(Icons. Star, color: Colors. Blue),

Hello, World!
View in Dart

In flutter, layouts are defined in Dart code. There is no XML

Creating your very first app in flutter

Let’s get started and see what our developers have to say

Create your Flutter app, using the step by step instructions in the Video Link. Name the project start_flutter.

In this code lab, we will be editinglib/main.dart, where the Dart code lives.
  1. Open the code oflib/main.dart
  2. Delete all of the code from lib/main.dart
  3. Replace with the following code, which displays “Hello ” in the center of the screen.

In the above code MyApp widget is the main widget for our application and the method we are using is runApp method
So basically, we are returning a build method of type MyApp which returns theme, application title and route tree.

Run the following code you will see android, iOS or web output, depending on your device.

This is how the output will look

I am sure by now you will be knowing the basics of flutter and curious and excited to learn moreSo here we have fun and engaging video tutorials for you by our experienced developers.

Visit our site for the details:http://skillbakery.com/courses/flutter.html

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