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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Laravel 5

Hello Everyone! As a developer learning new technologies are equally daunting and exciting, but to enhance and update yourself with new technological development is so important. To make your transition smooth in learning laravel, we have documented each step to go with Laravel in detail.

What is LARAVEL?
Laravel is the open-source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell. This framework follows the MVC (model-view-controller) has built-in models.
Here we are going to describe the most important feature of LARAVEL5 which makes laravel best and popular among different platforms.
Object Rational Mapping –laravel offers eloquent ORM that includes PHP active record implementation. In this, we can request database queries with PHP syntax and don’t have to write SQL Code.
MVC Architecture – Model, View, and Controller architecture gives clarity of logic and presentation that improves the performance of the application.
Libraries & Modular– Laravel is famous because of its pre-installed libraries which is easy to implement and has many latest features.
Template Engine–This feature of laravel helps you create amazing layouts using dynamic content seeding.
Unit Testing –In this PHP web-development is running many tests to ensure new changes done by the programmers.
Security – Security in web-development is the most important concern. Laravel has inbuilt web-application security in its own framework.

To start with laravel, first, you should be knowing HTML, PHP. If you are new to this kindly pick our tutorials from the link below

To go further with Laravel
 Here we are going to use the examples of laravel5
To start the installation process of laravel make sure you have a composer installed on your system before proceeding for LARAVEL. Below is the link for step by step installation

How to create a sample laravel project?
Step 1: We need a directory

Laravel\laravel>composer create project prefer dist laravel/laravel laravel_app

Press Enter – It will start downloading the laravel template project with name laravel and give you the list of all the dependencies.

Once done it will create a lock file and you will then come to command prompt laravel> as in the above image.

Step 2: Open this project in visual studio code it will look like this:

After this, you have to come to command prompt laravel and type  
php artisan serve

And here, your first sample laravel project created successfully.


To learn more, our experienced developer has created a detailed course for you to help you fine-tune your skills on this exciting platform of LARAVEl

Do follow the link below

For the detailed course do follow our website

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