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Monday, July 13, 2020

Master Meteor

Want to build real-time web applications using JavaScript with meteor?
You have come to the right place. Let’s begin

What is Meteor?
Meteor is an open-source web application framework written using Node.Js.It’s a cohesive development platform, a collection of libraries and packages that are bound together in a tidy way to make web development easier. So in one line, we can say, it’s a full-stack JavaScript which allows us to create amazing applications with ease.
 Features of Meteors
1.      Just one language on client and server that’s javascript
2.     Automatic updating of pages.
3.     We don’t have the need to make AJAX calls to Rest API, So we have the same type of functionality but it's treated as a regular function call inside of JavaScript. This makes things a lot simpler.
4.     Latency handling/Latency compensation.
5.     Speed up development using smart packages.

Who can use Meteor?
This is designed for all levels. We can start with the basics of JavaScript, we can start with the basics of javascript. So, it will be easy for students to understand the concept. This is useful for aspiring as well as professional web developers. Those who want to develop a rapid single page web application by learning just one language.

Why to use Meteor?
Meteor, as we know now, is a platform because its more than just a set of javascript libraries. It’s a package containing everything you need to build cool web applications. When we use meteor we do not need to write our AJAX code or manipulate the DOM and we can access our database directly from the browser.

Key technologies in Meteor

Javascript is a core of meteor and it can be run on the server as well as on the client.

Node.Js is going to be a perfect choice for serving on the web applications.

MongoDB is a popular node sequel database.

Blaze is a templating library. It allows you to write code which updates itself automatically.

Installation Process

For the installation process, you can go through our courses to find all the steps :

Introduction to JavaScript

Javascript is a programming language built into the browser and is focused primarily on making the web pages interactive. It’s one of the most popular programming languages around and now it’s also available as a server-side language in the form of Node.Js.

Operators in JavaScript

·       Arithmetic Operators -    +, - ,% , / , *,++
·       Assignment Operators -     =,+=,-=,=,/=,%=
·       Concat Strings and number using +
·       Comparison Operators - ==, ===, !=, ==>,<,>=,<=
·       Logical Operators -         &&,||,!
·       Conditional Operator-  variable_name=[conditional]?value1:value2

Aritmatic Operators:
var numberOne =10;
var numberTwo =20;
var sumofTwoNumber =numberOne+numberTwo;
var result =numberOne –numberTwo;
var multiply =numberTwo/numberOne;
var divide =numberTwo/numberOne;
var modulus =numberTwo%numberOne

Assignment Operators :
var number =10;

Conditional statements
If ..else

Example of if statements
//if statement

var numberOne =10;
var numberTwo=20;
If(numberOne <numberTwo)
Document.write(numberOne + “is less then”+numberTwo);

Example of if-else
If (numberOne >numberTwo)
Document.write(numberOne +”is greater than” +numberTwo);
Document.write(numberTwo+”is greater than” +numberOne);

//if , else if, else

var marks =100;
var marksObtained =60;
Document.write(“well done”);
Else if(marksObtained <80)
Document.write(“you can do it”);

Routing is the process of using URLs to drive the user interface.URLs have many functions in Meteor.
URLs are mainly used to bookmark the contents where a user wants to access later.URLs' main function is to drive the web browser functions (backward/forward).
On the other hand, Meteor works on the principle of data on the wire. The client application communicates with the server over Distributed Data Protocol.
So, when an application loads its initializes a series of subscriptions which fetch the data to render the application.when the user interacts with the application different subscriptions start loading there, there is no need for URLs to be involved.

Bootstrap with Meteor

This provides compiles CSS and js (bootstrap:*)
To add simply write  meteor add twbs: bootstrap
After this, you now start using bootstrap classes in your page elements.
CSS Bootstrap

For e.g.
Create a meteor app called ‘bs_tst’ with ‘meteor create bs_tst’ then add bootstrap with
 meteor add twbs: bootstrap

This will look in HTML like this


Welcome to Meteor!

{{> hello}}

You've pressed the button {{counter}} times.

So, for now, we have covered all the basics to work and learn in details kindly visit our website link below

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