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Monday, August 31, 2020

Docker Basics


Docker is a container management service. Docker is for developers to easily develop applications, ship them in containers that can then be deployed anywhere. Initially, docker was released in March 2013 since then, it has become the buzz in modern development.


Features of Docker

·       Docker container can be deployed anywhere on any physical and virtual machines and even on the cloud.

·       Docker container are pretty lightweight and easily scalable.

·       With containers it becomes easier for different units such as development.

 Docker has the ability to reduce the size of the development by providing smaller footprint of the o/s.


Components of Docker

Docker for Windows – It allows us to run Docker containers.

Docker for Mac – It allows us to run Docker on Mac.

Docker Engine – Used to build Docker images and create a docker container.

Docker Hub –This is the registry that is used to host various images.

Docker Compose- Used for defining applications

Installation of Docker

Step 1: Open the docker setup and click on install

After installation, open the docker for windows app and wait till the whale icon on the status bar becomes stable.

Docker Toolbox

 Step 1:Click on the docker Toolbox wizard and click Next

Step 2: Select the path for the toolbox

Step 3: select the different components you need to install for the smooth functioning

Step 4: click and select the additional task to perform

Step 5: click install and your toolbox is ready 



Server is the physical server used to host multiple virtual machines.The host OS is the base machine such as Linux/windows.This layer remains the same.Now comes the docker engine.All the apps now run as Docker Containers.


Docker Images


Docker images are read-only templates to build Docker images.within the Dockerfile, define all the dependencies and packages that are needed by your application.

Docker Containers

Every time we run a docker image,it runs as a docker container.

Docker Registry

Dockers registry known as dockerHub is used to store docker images.


Docker Containers

Containers are instances of docker images that can be run using the docker run command.

Running a Container


 Steps to run a docker container

Step 1: Initially the docker container is in the Created state.

Step 2:The docker container goes into running state with the Run Command.

Step 3: Docker kill command is used to kill an existing docker container.

Step 4: The docker pause command used to pause an existing docker container.


By now you learn what basics you need to start with docker and to dig deeper you need to learn more detail course coming soon on our website


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