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Monday, August 24, 2020

Master NodeJS: A practical Approach to NodeJS

Node JS is a new platform for developing web applications and general-purpose is designed through ingenious combination of server-side javascript asynchronous I/O.

From the last couple of years. Node JS grew fast and all the major and small companies are using it to scale up their projects.

 Architecture of Node JS

Installing Node JS for windows

Visit http://node.js

Site will automatically detects your OS

Download  LTS(long term support version)

Follow onscreen instruction to install.

This blogpost will give you a brief introduction to Node JS

All you need to know is?

·        Basics of JavaScript

·        Basics of developing web applications

 What you should use Node JS?

·        Node JS is a platform for writing JavaScript applications

·        Command line tools.

·        Excellent process control functions to oversee the child process.

·        DNS lookup.

·        An HTTP, HTTPS and client/server layered on top of the TCP library filesystem access.

·        Node JS is low level and simple to use HTTP modules allow you.

 Node  JS is a platform that allows you to build scalable network applications using JavaScript on the server-side. Node JS makes use of the Google V8 runtime engine.

Along with the V8 engine Node JS makes use of LIBUV which is a multi-platform support library. It is a single-threaded event-driven platform with a focus on asynchronous I/O.

Why use Node JS?

Organizations are making use of Node JS because of the following reasons. Full control over your environment. Below are key points why to use Node JS?

·        Write all code in JavaScript

·        Easy to modify  and maintain

·        Better performance because of Non-Blocking or Asynchronous I/O.

Where is to be used?

 WebSocket server- Like Chat Server

File Upload Client

Real time data applications and many more

 This blogpost for programmers who have little knowledge of JavaScript. We will be starting with the basics of JavaScript first and then move on to Node JS that you feel comfortable when we discuss things which involve JavaScript jargon.

This is for programmers who want to create a web app using JS, Node & Express.

We will be covering DB as well which will be MySQL and MongoDB.This blog post is for anyone who is into programming, web sites, and web applications.

How it works (Node JS)

V8 Engine

Rather than treating each javascript object as having its own separate class, V8 adds a hidden class that identifies common properties between those objects.

V8 translates the javascript code to machine code directly. Without this step, your browser would have to translate each piece of javascript into machine code every time you run a script on a web page.V8 has better garbage collection which means that when it finishes using memory for one task, it can better reclaim that memory for another task.

Node JS frameworks

A framework helps you structure your application database.

·       Routing

·       Session

·       Logging

·       Content customization

·       User authentication

·       Scalability

Different framework used in Node JS 

Express.JS is one of the most essential web frameworks for Node JS. It is a minimalist framework for building a host of web and mobile applications as well as application programming interface.

Mean.JS is a full-fledged javascript framework to build web applications using NoSQL database, MongoDB as well as Angular JS for the front end and Express.JS /Node.JS for the backend (server).it also have the support of the grunt tool to enable automated testing. Mean stands for MongoDB,Express.JS,Angular.JS and Node.JS

Meteor is an open-source model view controller framework for building websites and web/mobile applications. The framework supports OSX, Linux, and windows. It allows writing both client and server parts of an application in Javascript.

Hapi.JS framework is used for building application program interfaces. It has a robust plugin system and numerous key features including input validation,configuration-based functionality, error handling, logging and caching.

Socket.IO is a server framework for building real-time web allows event-driven , bidirectional communication between web clients and server socketIO works as a client-side library running in the browser and a server-side library for Node JS. The framework allows real-time concurrency for document collaboration and data exchange.

 To move and explore further you have to know in details about JavaScript

Click here for the detail Introduction to JavaScript

To start with Node JS visit our website

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