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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Woocommerce Page Shortcodes

WooCommerce needs basically four pages Shop, Cart, Checkout ,My Account. Shop page is dynamically created and is not available with the shortcode. While the rest of the pages are created by setup wizard and can be created manually as well by simply inserting the shortcodes as specified. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the most common WooCommerce page shortcodes. 

WooCommerce shopping cart

[woocommerce_cart]  This shortcode is used to display the shopping cart on your store's front-end. You can add it to WordPress pages or posts or display it in widgetized areas .After entering the shortcode you'll be greeted with a page like this.

The use of this shortcode will enable the user to make use of this template anywhere.

WooCommerce Checkout Page

You can use the WooCommerce checkout shortcode – [woocommerce_checkout] – to generate a complete checkout page on your e-commerce website. This page is also automatically created for you when you install WooCommerce. You can also use the shortcode to insert the checkout elsewhere

The shortcode comes with billing details, order details, and the option to ship to a different address.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Page

WooCommerce lets store owners create an order tracking page using the [woocommerce_order_tracking] shortcode. Although this page doesn’t come with WooCommerce out of the box, you can simply create a new page and insert the shortcode in the text editor to create your own. It should look something like this on the front-end:

WooCommerce My Account Page

WooCommerce My Account page is installed automatically on first install of woocommerce. This is done using the [woocommerce_my_account] shortcode. You can use the shortcode to insert the account area in additional locations throughout your site.The My Account shortcode doubles as a login and registration form for logged out users. As a result, you can also use this as a WooCommerce login shortcode. The page will look like this for the same 

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