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Monday, June 15, 2020

ASP.Net Core MVC

ASP.Net core is the framework used in web development using .Net. 
Let’s begin learning with core and create our first application. 
To start learning with core, all you need is a basic understanding of any programming language.

First, let’s have a short introduction of what is is known as active server pages, we use asp code on the client-side to present data retrieved from the server.ASP.Net is an open source server-side web application designed to develop dynamic web sites and services.

What is ASP.Net Core? core is an open-source, free, and cross-platform to build web applications.
It is used in designing cloud-based internet-connected applications.
It runs on .Net core or .Net framework.

Why to use ASP.Net MVC Core?

ASP.Net core provides the following benefits

·       It is open source and community-focused.
·       It has the ability to develop and run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
·       Architected for testability
·       Integration of the client-side framework.
A lightweight high performance and modular Http request pipeline.

Let’s have a quick look on what above blocks does in ASP.Net core

Operating System basically provides common services for common programs
Web server responsibility is to accept network requests
.Net Runtime is used as a thin layer which is responsible to load .Net libraries and locate entry point into the application and executes when the web server sends the request.
.Net Libraries provides an abstract data structure co implementation of things like collections files and network input/output.
Third Party libraries read process an excel file generates pdfs etc.
Application Code is the code that we write.


Building web pages using HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
C# programming language.
CRUD concepts.

Creating your first application using ASP.Net Core

Open visual studio and create a project with the name skill bakery

Once the project is created you will see the below help links where you can see how to use controllers and views.

After this, you can open a startup.cs file right next to this panel. Open that file and write your text for e.g. “Hello World” and press Ctrl+F5

The output will be like this as you see, well it's little small to visible 

To get to know more in details you can visit our youtube channel

And for the full course visits us……

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