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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

WordPress Adding Link to Posts

 In this post, we will learn to Add Links in WordPress pages. Link is simply a connection from one resource to another. Adding links to your pages or blog posts help you to connect to other pages. Following are the simple steps to Add links in WordPress Posts. You will easily add links to your posts if you follow these steps

Step (1) − Click on Pages → All Pages in WordPress. as shown in the screen shot

Step (2) − List of pages created in WordPress will get displayed as shown in the following screen. Select any of the pages to add links inside it. We are going with we are going with About Us page to add links to it but you can chose your own.

Step (3) − Select any of the sentence or word where you want to link to another resource. Here, we will add link to the word Lorem.

Step (4) − When you click on the Insert/Edit link symbol then the following pop window gets displayed.

As you can see in screenshot following are the fields present in the Insert/edit link.

  • URL − Enter URL you want to link.

  • Link text − Insert text you want to enter into the link.

  • Open link in a new window/tab − Open your link page into the new tab or window. Check the box as required. It is a standard procedure for opening a page which is not a part of your website in a new window. It helps people to stay on your page 

  • Or link to existing account − Add links to an existing content page by selecting the page from the given list. Click on Or link to existing content and the list of pages and posts gets displayed as you can see in the following screen. This happens automatically because WordPress does its work efficiently so that we don't have to do it.

  • After selecting the particular page or post from the list, the links automatically get created in the URL field as seen in the preceding screen. All you have to do is click on Add Link. After you click on the button you will have to follow step 5 to complete the process.

    Step (5) − As you hover on the word Lorem then the link tooltip gets displayed as shown in the following screen. 

  • Click on Update button to button update the current content to a newer changed content. In simple terms it saves the newer content and rewrite it on the older content. Here if we have added the link after the page was published so we have to update it so that changes will reflect on frontend, If not done then no changes will be displayed on the frontend

  • Conclusion

  • Following the above steps you can link your pages or posts to a particular page or resource. It is one of the easiest things to do on WordPress. WordPress has made it simpler to do all these basic stuffs through its simple UI and WYSIWYG editor(What You See Is What You Get ). If you find any difficulties in adding the links just simply comment below. 

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